Field Service USA 2015 (past event)

April 20 - 23, 2015


Performance Workshop Day

09:00 - 09:55 Continental Breakfast & Registration

09:55 - 10:00 Welcome Remarks

10:00 - 10:05 IceBreaker

Workshop A

10:05 - 11:10 Strategies For Fighting And Thriving With 3rd Party Parts Suppliers Ron Zielinski, Global Customer Service Leader,Coherent
Original Equipment Manufacturers rely on service parts revenue streams to fund ongoing support operations and investments in quality enhancement. These investments aim to realize the brand reputation of the product for quality, performance, safety, reliability and lifetime. Unfortunately, these costs and their related gross margin requirements often drive parts and/or contract prices upward while most customers are under extreme pressure to reduce operating costs. The resulting gap incentivizes customers to seek lower-cost parts, openly taking, or without considering risks that would compromise your company’s brand promise and their own long term interests. The result is not only reduced revenues, but include:
• A tarnished brand if unqualified parts don’t live up to the promise of the name prominently displayed externally on the product: your company’s
• Reduced customer intimacy as other suppliers service your customers
• Increased legal risks if your actions appear to unlawfully eliminate competition
• Growth of 3rd party capabilities, threatening your company’s future service revenues

This interactive workshop explores the best strategies for your business when faced with 3rd party threats.

Ron Zielinski

Global Customer Service Leader

Workshop B

10:05 - 11:10 Developing Highly Effective Front-Line Leadership Teams Edward Defraine, Region Director Customer Care,Coca-Cola
What is the most important position in your organization? More often than not, the answer is your frontline leaders. A high performing frontline leader will find a way for their team to succeed in the face of poorly planned initiatives, changing priorities and chaos. A low performing frontline leader will find a way to sink even your best initiatives and will lead their team to middling or low results, independent of the strength of their senior leadership. How do you raise the overall performance of an entire layer of your organization--dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people--all at once? For practical answers that can be applied to systems both large and small, join Ed DeFraine as he presents a case study from the Coca-Cola Company. A group discussion will follow Ed’s explanation and analysis of the case and key takeaways include:
• Focus on the needs of the organization as well as the needs of individual employees
• Utilize learning journeys of actual events and customer success stories instead of programmed classroom training
• Encourage senior leaders to serve as role models to junior employees

Edward Defraine

Region Director Customer Care

Workshop C

10:05 - 11:10 Providing Value Added Services To Existing Clients Kerry Caylor, Vice President Business Development, Global Client Care,Pitney Bowes
Maintenance revenue has gone down recently so many companies are looking for ways to bridge the gap. One initiative that has worked well for Pitney Bowes is selling service products other than contracts to customers. Kerry Caylor heads up this innovative program at PB and will lead a hands-on workshop focusing on:
• How to interface with clients with the intent to sell services not related to maintenance contracts
• Establishing production data management courses so customers can utilize productivity & efficiency reports
• Ensuring your customers remain loyal and don’t resort to outsourcing and consolidation

Kerry Caylor

Vice President Business Development, Global Client Care
Pitney Bowes

Workshop D

11:10 - 12:10 Addressing The Strategic Choices Necessary For Service Transformation Michael Anderson, Senior Director Solutions Management,PTC
With the emergence of new technologies to fuel service lifecycle innovation, service leaders must be prepared to adapt more quickly than ever before to increase customer value, achieve competitive advantage, and optimize longterm profitability. In this workshop, participants will examine the challenges related to the creation of service information, the execution of service activities, and the optimization of their service supply chain, with a focus on the opportunities presented by smart, connected products and the Internet of Things. This discussion will address the following questions, among others:

· Will the Internet of Things enable greater adoption of ‘product as a service’ business models?
· What data must a company capture, secure, and analyze to maximize the value of its service offerings?
· Which products enable new service models and optimize profitability?
· In what ways will smart, connected products change the customer relationship and help to create new value?
· What type of product information is available throughout the service network today, and what information will companies seek to leverage from smart, connected products in the future?

Michael Anderson

Senior Director Solutions Management

Workshop E

11:10 - 12:10 Uncovering And Solving Today’s Challenges In Implementing A Mobility Strategy Scott Andrews, Strategic Account Manager,SOTI Mark Stevenson, Strategic Account Manager,SOTI Jeremy Gold, Manager of Strategic Business Alliances,SOTI
Modern field services organizations rely on a well thought out mobile strategy to ensure front line service workers are empowered with the latest mobile technologies to improve communication in the field, streamline work processes, and enhance customer service and loyalty, driving the business forward. Mobile technologies have quickly moved from a nice to have to an essential business tool that is relied upon to not only provide a better level of service, but to also gain insight into performance and efficiency, customer preferences, logistics, and operational efficiency. The promise of mobility is twofold: to empower front line workers and to facilitate intelligent business decisions. Implementing a mobility strategy can be challenging without considering proper planning and change management. Most mobility strategies were designed originally for specific line of business applications, and may not be effective in addressing policies for newer form factors, operating systems, and use cases. In this 1 hour roundtable workshop, you will have the opportunity to join leading field services technology practitioners to discuss:

  • The common challenges of going mobile first across your field service organization 
  • How to build a mobility strategy that is flexible, platform agnostic, and futureproof 
  • How to create mobile strategy from a business perspective communication, workflow, and customer service as an example 
  • Strategies for integrating intelligent policy management, applications, secure content, and software updates 
  • Best practices for remotely supporting mobility on the front lines to increase service levels and minimize downtime

Scott Andrews

Strategic Account Manager


Mark Stevenson

Strategic Account Manager


Jeremy Gold

Manager of Strategic Business Alliances

Workshop F

11:10 - 12:10 Field Service Assessment Workshop: How Does Your Organization Stack Up? Patrice Eberline, Vice President of Global Customer Transformation,ServiceMax
Want to know where your field service organization stacks up compared to the competition? This session will leverage an industry proven assessment methodology to help identify where you excel and where you can make improvements to stay ahead of the competition. A team of service experts will guide you through the field service assessment resulting in real, actionable results to help you take your field service organization to the next level. Attendees will learn:
· How your organization ranks compared to the competition
· Areas for improvement, growth, and profitability
· Case studies and next steps to take action in your organization

Patrice Eberline

Vice President of Global Customer Transformation

12:10 - 13:10 Luncheon

Workshop G

13:10 - 14:10 Envisioning The Future Of Field Services Piyush Modi, Lab Manager,GE Doug Roth, Director, Global Partner Management & FLM,Ciena
Mobile devices and advanced software offerings have become as important to field service engineers as the toolboxes each technician used to carry with him. As Lab Manager for GE Global Research, Piyush Modi is responsible for conceiving and successfully transforming such innovations into market forming platforms and applications. In this workshop, Piyush invites you to discuss with your peers the importance of:

• Digitizing learning materials and technical manuals to provide on-demand access on any device
• Providing hardware and software that actually improves technician workflow
• Revamping training programs to incorporate troubleshooting on mobility and device issues

Piyush Modi

Lab Manager


Doug Roth

Director, Global Partner Management & FLM

Workshop H

13:10 - 14:10 Attaining Magical Realism In Customer Service Syd Briggs, General Manager,Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric
Today’s service organizations are faced with the challenge of taking ownership of their customers’ experience. While omni-channel interactions are helping the field meet customer time and place demands, there is higher risk for inconsistency in customers’ lasting impressions. If we evaluate service delivery through the lens of consistency and value, how would our customer experience shift? The purpose of this workshop is to assess the current “ownership state” of our service channels and determine ways to create even more value for our customers.

Syd Briggs

General Manager
Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric

Workshop I

13:10 - 14:10 Accelerating Service Growth Chris Westlake, Vice President Service,Gerber Scientific

Chris Westlake

Vice President Service
Gerber Scientific

14:10 - 14:50 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Workshop J

14:50 - 15:55 Streamlining Workflows With Field Service Mobility Tools Jeff Morris, Vice President Marketing,Trimble
Do you struggle with delivering high-quality, on-time service, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing profits? If so, join Trimble in this hands-on workshop to explore keys to efficient dispatching, scheduling and productivity management. Brainstorm with other service leaders to find ways for your company to respond quickly to customer needs during the first appointment and meet service level agreements.

Jeff Morris

Vice President Marketing

Workshop K

14:50 - 15:55 Sustainable Technology Transformation ROI Through People & Process Optimization Bryan Ward, EVP Sales & Business Development, Workforce Mgmt,Diabsolut Chris Gera, Vice President Field Service,Vivint
Field Workforce Management is evolving rapidly in response to client demands, mobile functionality and disruption in each unique industry.
Are you confident that your organization is keeping up and leveraging the change as opportunity?
Introducing new field service technology is one way to remain competitive, but how can you best optimize it and ensure you reap the maximum benefits and sustain them over time?
What are the benefits of ClickSoftware in particular, what can you do to optimize the technology for your business and where are the places to look to make the most impact on ROI that you have not yet considered?

Attend Diabsolut (System Integrator & Field Service Consultant) & Vivint’s workshop for the secret to Vivint’s success with their Field Service Management through:

- Implementing & Integration of ClickSoftware Service Optimization Suite
- System Optimization & Tuning
- People & Process Optimization

Attendees will:

- Participate in a benchmarking poll
- Brainstorm to solve a key Field Service challenge
- Get Vivint's secrets to success
- Question our panel of experts
- Chance to win a Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker!

Bryan Ward

EVP Sales & Business Development, Workforce Mgmt


Chris Gera

Vice President Field Service

Workshop L

14:50 - 15:55 Navigating The Changing Landscape Of Field Service In The Era Of Connected Devices Abhay Mahagaokar, Senior V.P. and Head Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics,IGATE
The efficiency in getting the right technician to do the right job, at the right time, with the right parts and right information is the key to successful field service operations. This session will dwell upon how mobility and the new-age collaboration tools enhance the repertoire and the resulting effectiveness of the field service agent. The participants will learn how Internet-of-things (IoT) is poised to become a driving force for transforming the reactive approach of service fixes into a proactive way of data-driven resolution. The session will also touch upon the growing importance of advanced analytics in forecasting failure rates, spare parts stocking, staffing, and scheduling to improve the predictability of service cycles, enhance customer experience and increase service revenue.

Abhay Mahagaokar

Senior V.P. and Head Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics

Workshop M

15:55 - 17:00 Four Keys to Commercial Service Success Cathy Brewer, Services Marketing Manager,FEI
Growing service revenue and succeeding as a service business are key challenges for any service executive. Cathy Brewer has over 18 years experience in translating customer needs into revenue-producing service initiatives. In this workshop Cathy will present the 4 keys to commercial service success and invite you to discuss with your colleagues what obstacles your organization must overcome to deliver impactful service initiatives. Questions to discuss include:

  • Is success determined by strategy or execution?
  • How should I balance company, competition and customer?
  • What is the biggest reason service initiatives fail?
  • Who is responsible for creating value?

Cathy Brewer

Services Marketing Manager

Workshop N

15:55 - 17:00 VISPAC: Exceeding Customer Expectations Marlin Morales, Senior Service Consultant,Bosch Rexroth
One simple acronym to remind you and your team of the six things that will insure that customer’s expectations are exceeded.
Speed of Service
Add On

Tom Jones has used this philosophy at Bosch Rexroth with much success. Join Tom to learn how to implement VISPAC at your organization.

Marlin Morales

Senior Service Consultant
Bosch Rexroth

Workshop O

15:55 - 17:00 Exploring The Benefits Of IoT Tom York, CEO,Essintial Enterprise Solutions

Tom York

Essintial Enterprise Solutions

17:00 - 23:59 Speakeasy Party hosted by FieldSolutions