Field Service USA 2015 (past event)

April 20-April 23, 2015

Service Model Innovation

07:00 AM - 07:15 AM VIP Think Tank

As a service executive, it’s your responsibility to grow your service business and promote a customer centric value proposition throughout your organization. The VIP Think Tank is your opportunity to gain honest feedback, debate strategic ideas and share high level insights behind closed doors.

This is an invite-only session. To request an invitation, please email Field Service Executive Director Jen Montgomery at

07:15 AM - 07:55 AM Continental Breakfast & Registration

07:55 AM - 08:05 AM Welcome Remarks

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08:05 AM - 08:20 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Vince Beacom, EVP Sales, Verisae


Vince Beacom

EVP Sales

08:20 AM - 08:40 AM Capturing Value Creation With Customer Outcome-Based Services

Joe Pinto, Senior Vice President Technical Services, Cisco
Shifting Support Services from reactive to proactive. Elevating the strategic role of Services, while improving the customer experience. These ideas have been discussed for years and have often been overhyped or remained abstract. Yet behind the hype is a powerful and important concept: With shifts in technology and customer expectations come new opportunities to innovate the Services business model along two dimensions: VALUE CREATION and VALUE CAPTURE. In this session, Joe Pinto will share a few tangible examples of Cisco’s experiments and innovations along both dimensions. He’ll share learnings from what’s worked and what hasn’t, debunk a few myths, and outline his vision for the future of Services.

Joe Pinto

Senior Vice President Technical Services

08:40 AM - 09:00 AM Creating Loyal Customers Through Enhanced Customer Education

Jacques Blondeau, Vice President Maintenance Services Worldwide, Embraer
Smart companies focus as much on retaining existing customers as on attracting new ones. Jacques Blondeau believes that providing customers with the knowledge they need to full utilize and appreciate your products will foster loyalty and retention. This session will focus on:

• Enticing technicians to go beyond basic installation & repair
• Teaching advanced product functionalities so that customers fully utilize all product features
• Maintaining a proactive mindset; educated customers are retained customers


Jacques Blondeau

Vice President Maintenance Services Worldwide

09:00 AM - 09:20 AM Differentiating Your Service To Demonstrate Superior Value

Greg Manganello, Senior Vice President & Head of Services, Fujitsu Network Communications
In a world where products cannot be easily differentiated, many companies are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from their competition. One option that Greg Manganello recommends is to focus on delivering superior service through improved delivery speeds, availability, loyalty programs, after-sale training, and warranties. Greg is responsible for profitably growing services at Fujitsu and will highlight the following tips in this session:

• Developing tools to compete against low-end competitors in a commoditized market
• Synthesizing corporate marketing efforts to ensure your customers understand the value of your service
• Compiling a tool kit to justify higher prices (what must be highlighted about your service)


Greg Manganello

Senior Vice President & Head of Services
Fujitsu Network Communications

09:20 AM - 09:45 AM Master Your Moment Of Customer Engagement

Stephen Timms, President Americas, Clicksoftware
The future of the world’s biggest companies and brands come down to the world’s smallest moments. By mastering every moment with customers, your brand will go viral for praise, not punishment. These moments are driven by many supporting moments before, in, and after that moment. During this session learn how field organizations of all sizes can have the ability to brilliantly organize themselves, work in harmony with incredible productivity, and solve complex challenges through intelligent decision-making. Before the moment, during the moment, and after the moment.


Stephen Timms

President Americas

09:45 AM - 10:05 AM How To Define New Business Models To Generate Additional Revenue Based On New Data-Based Services

Herbert Padinger, Vice President Customer Support, Siemens Mobility
With the emerging field of Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics, it is essential to define new business models to generate additional revenue and customer satisfaction. For Johannes Emmelheinz, the keys to defining these new business models are:
• Focusing on delivering service to your installed base
• Finding opportunities for additional services
• Combating threats from new players like big IT companies and startups

Herbert Padinger

Vice President Customer Support
Siemens Mobility

10:05 AM - 11:05 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

11:05 AM - 11:25 AM Fleetmatics Presents: Show Me The Money: Monetizing GPS

Jun Fu, Senior Manager of Strategic Planning, Ecolab
With a strong process-improvement culture and insistence on data-driven decisions, Ecolab knew exactly what it wanted to achieve with a GPS program. But the actual results were a surprise. See how Ecolab has implemented and monetized telematics, and where the company will go next with its program.

Jun Fu

Senior Manager of Strategic Planning
Effective service offerings can increase synergy with customers and improve your value proposition. How can Service create offerings that drive revenue and create engaged customers? Our panel of experts will debate this as they highlight the importance of:

• Gathering input from different areas of the organization including sales, marketing, new product development, IT
• Shedding the traditional mindset and starting with “what does that mean from go-to-market standpoint?”
• Continuously refreshing the product to improve synergy with client


Art McGinn

Senior Vice President Service
Canon Solutions America

Joe Pinto

Senior Vice President Technical Services

Julius Chepey

API Group

Cathy Brewer

Services Marketing Manager

Gopal Narasimhan

Marketing Manager Global Supply Chain Services

12:05 PM - 12:15 PM Ten Minute Stretch

Table 1: Identifying Areas Of Extra Value For Customers To Maximize Retention And Customer Loyalty
Hosted by Amos Schneller, Vice President Customer Service and Technical Services, Medivators

Table 2: Balancing Business Requirements Against Customer Needs/Satisfaction
Hosted by Eric Paulik, Senior Director, Global Field & Customer Service, Spectranetics

Table 3: People Retention - How Does Your Company Retain Top Service Talent?
Hosted by Jim Crowl, Vice President Service, ABB

Table 4: Scheduling Onsite Manager Visits To Improve Technician Productivity & Customer Loyalty
Hosted by Gregg French, Service & Dealer Development Manager, Kawasaki Construction Machinery America

Table 5: The Five Minute Manager: Field Service Problems You Can Solve in 5 Minutes or Less
Tony Ahillas, Director Enterprise Sales, Fleetmatics

Table 6: A Strategic Approach To Maximize Profitability In The Large Sale
Hosted by Tony Solano, GM & Senior VP Americas Sales, CoreSystems

Table 7: Best Practices In Employee Training
Hosted by Scott Tarran, Manager Service Operations, Bruker AXS

Table 8: What Do You Need To Build A Mobility Strategy?
Hosted by Scott Andrews, Strategic Account Manager, SOTI

Table 9: Interest, Benefits And Traps Of Rolling Out A CRM For Service
Hosted by Jerome Piche, Vice President Service, bioMerieux

Table 10: Maximizing The Relationship Between Field Engineers And Sales Force
Hosted by Mike Lynn, Director of Customer Support Operations, Automated Packaging

Table 11: Overcoming Obstacles In Adopting Predictive Maintenance
Hosted by Kyle Herring, Vice President Marketing, TerraXML

Table 12: Transforming Your Field Service With Connected Products & Services
Hosted by Charlie Isaacs, VP & CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce


David Douglas

Vice President Service Management
Scientific Games

Jérôme Piche

Vice President Service

Mike Lynn

Director of Customer Support Operations
Automated Packaging

Eric Paulik

Senior Director, Global Field & Customer Service

Gregg French

Service & Dealer Development Manager

Scott Tarran

Manager Service Operations
Bruker AXS

Amos Schneller

Vice President Customer Service and Technical Services

Scott Andrews

Strategic Account Manager

Tony Solano

GM & Senior VP Americas Sales

Jim Crowl

Vice President Service

Kyle Herring

VP Marketing

Charlie Isaacs

VP & CTO for Customer Connection

Tony Ahillas

Director Enterprise Sales

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Luncheon

Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

2:15 PM - 2:20 PM Welcome Remarks

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Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

2:15 PM - 2:20 PM Welcome Remarks

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Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

2:15 PM - 2:20 PM Welcome Remarks

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Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

2:20 PM - 2:30 PM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Randy Reynolds, Vice President Product Marketing, ServiceMax

Randy Reynolds

Vice President Product Marketing

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

2:20 PM - 2:30 PM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Karl Weber, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Fleetmatics
An executive from Fleetmatics


Karl Weber

Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

2:20 PM - 2:30 PM Chairperson’s Opening Address

John Snow, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Alliances, CaseBank Technologies
An executive from CaseBank Technologies

John Snow

Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Alliances
CaseBank Technologies

Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

2:30 PM - 2:50 PM The Human Side Of Field Service: Why People Matter

Dave Baker, Senior Vice President Field Services, DirecTV
Advances in technology have created exciting opportunities for front-line technicians, but service leaders have to be careful not to discount the power of people. Dave Baker leads a team of thousands of field service engineers who care for millions of customers and he knows that an effective service manager puts people (both employees and customers) first. In this session he will discuss the importance of:

• Acknowledging the limitations of technology and the dangers of relying on it too heavily
• Re-discovering the benefits of an engaged, satisfied workforce and how this translates directly into increased profitability and customer satisfaction
• Motivating employees at every level to remain customer-focused and connected to the company


Dave Baker

Senior Vice President Field Services

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

2:30 PM - 2:50 PM The Evolution Of 'Good Neighbor' Service

Katinka Bryson, Agency Vice President, State Farm Insurance


Katinka Bryson

Agency Vice President
State Farm Insurance

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

2:30 PM - 2:50 PM Are You Ready For This: The Advent Of IoT, Mobility And Related Technology Advancements

Tom York, CEO, Essintial Enterprise Solutions
The benefits of the Internet of Things range widely, but Tom York believes the greatest impact is on customer requirements and expectations and supporting field services models. In this session, Tom will highlight key items including:

• Capitalizing on the ability to capture information and make maintenance more effective
• Utilizing operational data from connected devices to plan effectively prior to dispatch
• Compiling and analyzing the data to ensure actionable results


Tom York

Essintial Enterprise Solutions

Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Drive Field Service Revenue by Connecting Service with Sales - Insights from the 2014 WBR Field Service Study

Meredith Bixler, Solutions Consultant, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions
How do Service organizations define and measure success in 2015? According to a recent Field Service study by the Worldwide Business Research (WBR)*, the top 2 priorities for Field Service organizations are increasing service revenue (42%) and improving customer satisfaction (28%). Meanwhile, companies are not only facing challenges with mobile workforce management, scheduling, and parts management. They may also miss out on opportunities to sell service, due to a lack of sufficient collaboration between their Sales and Service teams. In this session we will share some insights gained from the Field Service study and demonstrate how automation can transform Field Service operations with the ability to:

•Access inventory, service history and contract information via mobile and cloud
•Sell services - leveraging customer information from the Field technicians
•Create a sales quote on-the-spot
•Achieve best-in-class first time fix rate with transparent parts management

*”Where Service Meets Sales: Automating for the Future of Field Service”, Worldwide Business Research (WBR), December 2014

Meredith Bixler

Solutions Consultant
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Astea Presents: Make The Most Out Of Mobile

Julius Chepey, CIO, API Group
Service operations have become an important revenue and profit center for many companies. With an increasing focus on improving the bottom line for the enterprise, service managers now face more pressure to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve the service organization’s competitive position. Today, more than ever, organizations are looking for ways in which they can maximize the utilization and productivity of their workforce for optimal outcomes. Even for those organizations that are currently leveraging mobile solutions, they are always looking for new ideas and strategies that can have a greater positive impact on operational or financial objectives.

Key Takeaways:

1.Leveraging analytics for continuous optimization
2.Ensuring a connected & engaged field workforce
3.Where have we been with mobile, and what do we see in the future

Julius Chepey

API Group

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Closed-Loop Support: Cleansing IOT for Real-World Actions

John Snow, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Alliances, CaseBank Technologies
For equipment manufacturers and service organizations, the type of data feeding the socalled Internet of Things (IOT) has been around for over twenty years. Back then it was called telematics, autonomics, M2M (machine-to-machine) or remote diagnostics and it wasn’t based on internet standards. Today the internet is ramping up the volume of data, but the basic challenge still remains: making use of data.

This presentation focuses on putting diagnostic data to use for product support – meaning faster fault isolation, more accurate repairs and less costly downtime. We will show how Closed-Loop Support strategies are transforming the information generated by call-centers and field service into better customer support, product reliability and future designs. Please join us for a lively discussion about the real-world of IOT.

John Snow

Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Alliances
CaseBank Technologies

Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

3:20 PM - 3:40 PM Modernizing Technical Service Delivery

Patricia Rash, Vice President Remote Technical Support Operations, Xerox
The employees in your technical call center are on the front line and are the first line of defense against a jaded customer. In this session, join Pat Rash to learn how Xerox is transforming their technical service call management process to assist customers achieve maximum utilization of Xerox solutions. The recently formed organization is:
  • Staffed with highly-skilled and tenured certified technicians who provide remote support to operators
  • Uses technicians’ vast experience and knowledge and are connected to a national team and technical data base
  • Created a new platform in customer satisfaction called Xerox ® Connect Advantage Services


Patricia Rash

Vice President Remote Technical Support Operations

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

3:20 PM - 3:40 PM Transforming Maintenance To Improve Customer Service

Dane Taival, Vice President Building Services & Customer Care, Trane
For decades, facilities teams have turned to the calendar or hour meter to determine when it was time to service their heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) and other building systems. But recent innovations give organizations the information they need to perform maintenance when it is really needed and not just because it is scheduled. As head of building services and customer care for Trane, Dane Taival turns these innovations into effective maintenance strategies. In this session he will discuss how to:
• Create effective service and maintenance strategies that are proactive, holistic, technology-enabled and knowledge-based
• Use computer modeling, diagnostic testing, predictive technologies and other techniques to reach beyond run-to-fail and preventive maintenance concepts
• Move to a predictive and reliability centered maintenance approach to improve service and overall customer satisfaction


Dane Taival

Vice President Building Services & Customer Care

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

3:20 PM - 3:40 PM Mobile Solutions For Storm Restoration Efforts

Brian Lindsay, Storm Team Director, Alabama Power
Over the past year, Alabama Power deployed over 600 iPads to its field crews. In order to capitalize on this investment, it is now deploying apps to help gain efficiencies. Brian Lindsay, Storm Team Director for Alabama Power, will discuss this mobile solutions initiative, particularly how it relates to storm restoration efforts. Key aspects of this program include:
• Photo capture to send pictures of damaged power lines directly to home office
• Ability to scan, request, and order parts for immediate delivery
• Greater coordination with mutual assistance storm teams


Brian Lindsay

Storm Team Director
Alabama Power

Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

3:40 PM - 4:00 PM Driving Customer Loyalty By Reducing Customer Effort

Jeff Zirker, Senior Director Global Technical Center, Cisco
A satisfied customer is one who doesn’t have to do much to keep your product working smoothly. Smart service businesses know this and actively find ways to reduce the amount of work their customers undertake. Jeff Zirker’s team is proud to showcase happy customers who expend very little effort. In this session, he’ll discuss his keys to reducing customer effort including:

• Focusing on ease of doing business
• Structuring preventive and proactive service to reduce amount of work customers have to do
• Providing self-service tools to eliminate calls to contact center and onsite visits from technicians


Jeff Zirker

Senior Director Global Technical Center

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

3:40 PM - 4:00 PM Enhancing The Customer Lifecycle By Commercializing Service Operations

Jack Hager, Vice President Operations, Pendum, LLC
A successful service business has to encompass more than just repair and maintenance. In this session, Jack Hager will discuss keys to marketing a successful service operation including:
• Recognizing that aftersales support is broader than just services
• Commercializing product upgrades and other upgrades and incorporating these into your service agreement
• Stressing the competitiveness and differentiation of your product


Jack Hager

Vice President Operations
Pendum, LLC

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

3:40 PM - 4:00 PM The Technician Of The Future, Today: How And Why To Reap The Benefit Of Technology-Driven Technicians

Greg Parker, Director Customer Care, Trane
Technology-enabled technicians now offer high-end service that can help optimize system performance to increase customer satisfaction and reduce callbacks, ultimately facilitating business growth and improving the bottom line. This presentation will address some specific cutting edge capabilities offered by technology-enabled technicians, including the ability to:
  • Leverage the use of cutting edge cloud- and remote based technologies
  • Remotely access systems to pre-diagnose and troubleshoot an issue before coming onsite
  • Conduct model number query to access virtually all relevant information on the specific system using the unique serial number
  • Offer honed interpersonal “soft skills” to deliver the best possible customer service experience
  • Perform all job-related recording and reporting in one mobility solution


Greg Parker

Director Customer Care

4:00 PM - 4:55 PM Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Understanding customer behavior is key to creating service offerings that your customers will truly appreciate. Our panel of experts from Walgreen, Haier and Lockheed Martin will discuss how they tailor service to customer demands including:

• Gathering customer feedback through NPS, surveys, onsite visits, focus groups and other channels
• Determining the right questions to raise in order to find out what your customers actually want
• Providing targeted service offerings based on customer demand


Wade Brown

Vice President Field Service
Roche Diagnostics

Charles Hughes

Director Field Services

Doug Kint

Senior Project Manager
Lockheed Martin

Curtis Hill

Vice President, Technical Services

Charlie Isaacs

VP & CTO for Customer Connection

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

4:55 PM - 5:35 PM Panel Discussion: Shaping An Employee Value Proposition That Drives Loyalty

Andrew Kovach, Vice President US Life Cycle Services, ABB Inc. Gerald Norz, Vice President Global Operations, MEGTEC Systems Dan Sullivan, Vice President Service, Parata Systems
Many service companies have a formal customer engagement policy, but few devote as much attention to their employees. Our panel of experts will discuss why it’s important to have loyal employees and the ways in which they’ve created loyalty including:

• Formalizing a process to retain skilled employees
• Creating stickiness by implementing programs that make employees more likely to stay
• Engaging employees by giving them a quality team to work with and fostering pride in your brand


Andrew Kovach

Vice President US Life Cycle Services
ABB Inc.

Gerald Norz

Vice President Global Operations
MEGTEC Systems

Dan Sullivan

Vice President Service
Parata Systems

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

4:55 PM - 5:35 PM Panel Discussion: Developing An End-To-End Technology Roadmap

John Krill, Vice President Operations, Ainsworth, Inc. Kelly Frey, Vice President Product Marketing, Telogis Ryan Crandell, Business Director, LoJack
Because service leaders and front line technicians have an array of mobile devices and apps to choose from, it’s vital to have a formal mobile strategy in place. Join our panelists as they debate how best to:

• Identify gaps in your current mobility and technology offerings
• Assess which next-generation tools you plan to implement
• Work with executive leadership and other departments to map out an investment and implementation strategy


John Krill

Vice President Operations
Ainsworth, Inc.

Kelly Frey

Vice President Product Marketing

Ryan Crandell

Business Director

Track A: Adding Value Through The Customer Experience

5:35 PM - 5:55 PM Highlighting The Importance of Customer Sensitivity

Dave McCoy, Director Technical Service, Ariel Corporation
Manufacturers often focus on improving first-time fix rate by ensuring FSEs have the technical skills required to fix a customer issue quickly and efficiently. What many companies have realized, however, is that a technician with customer soft skills is much more valuable than one with great technical prowess. Dave McCoy leads the technical service team at Ariel Corporation and ensures his employees remain customer-centric by instilling the following tips:
• Listen to customers and maintain a positive attitude
• Do exactly what you say you are going to do
• Follow up with a call or email to ensure the issue was resolved


Dave McCoy

Director Technical Service
Ariel Corporation

Track B: Adding Value Through Workforce Management

5:35 PM - 5:55 PM How Enforcing A Strong Process Culture Maximises Top Quality Customer Service From Your Field Service Engineers

Linda Woodford, Head of Global Field Service, Swisslog
Linda Woodford is Head of Global Field Services for Swisslog and is an ITIL qualified Service Delivery and Support Manager, with a breadth of experience gained whilst working in various service delivery environments, including Support Desk, and Service Management.


Linda Woodford

Head of Global Field Service

Track C: Adding Value Through Technology Innovation

5:35 PM - 5:55 PM Optimization of Preventive Maintenance Schedules in Field Service Operations

Vasiliy V. Krivtsov, Sr. Staff Technical Specialist, The Ford Motor Company
Complex technical systems, over their design life, are subject to preventive maintenance. Viewed as a field service activity, preventive maintenance is necessary to meet a system's reliability and availability requirements. The question is what should be the optimal schedule of such preventive maintenance actions? This presentation reviews statistical models that are used for preventive maintenance optimization. The discussion is illustrated by case studies from Vasiliy’s corporate and consulting experience.


Vasiliy V. Krivtsov

Sr. Staff Technical Specialist
The Ford Motor Company

5:55 PM - 11:59 PM Around The World Gala